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Zion Affinity


Zion Affinity is a community organization the owners of Zion Glory have been working towards for the last 2 years. In June 2017 we located and secured the community land deep in the mountains of New Mexico in a land of soil rich in history, minerals and love! This land is open for anyone who has a desire to be a part of building this community of unity with us! More information about our efforts and application information can be found HERE.

As you'll read on that page, one of our main goals is to connect and revive Mother Earth. We've been noticing so many organizations taking from and poisoning her natural resources and not giving back in a positive way so we've decided to do exactly that! Included in this effort is 65 acres of land needing tons of TLC, new life and water to bring back what the indigenous of these areas used to cherish. The dollar options of donation collected with the purchase of this product will go to the following:

  • New trees & shrubs
  • Fruits & vegetables 
  • Plants for bee revitalization 

We give thanks and appreciate all of your donations! We would LOVE for YOU to spread the word by sharing this link, donating or simply sharing our story with others, we're doing this for everyone who would love to contribute to the community but might not be able to physically come to New Mexico right now. We feel you but we also need YOUR support! 


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