Zion Affinity

The Beginning

Zion Affinity was  founded by the owners in 2017 when they found the raw land they were looking for in New Mexico. We've been creating and setting the foundation for this effort since we migrated to Colorado in 2013.  Since we left California, our soul mission has been to find our roots, live on the land of our ancestors, connect with the communities where we have direct ancestral lineage and give of our talents & resources to protect and build up those communities as well as Mother Earth. 

Although we expected to move on to the land and hit the ground running, the Universe had other plans for us. Our community efforts were targeted by a Confederate militia group, a racist local law enforcement department & an illegal real estate company that has put us through 3 years of unnecessary legal battles for our freedom and our rights. All because they saw our website and labeled us as a "cult", a "commune" and "drug dealers" because of the color of our skin and our dreadlocks. 

Man and woman driving in a car with title "Help the Mooney's Fight Racism in New Mexico"

Our Divine Mission

Since 2018 we've beat over 20 false criminal charges, several frivolous civil lawsuits, and... wait for it... we won the TITLE to all the properties we purchased at the beginning of this beautiful nightmare! During that time we experienced the deepest darkest pits of hell one could imagine. We lost beloved pets, we lost parts of our souls, we endured mental, physical and spiritual trauma, and we continue to work through that trauma with side effects of post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) and anxiety attacks but our mission is strong and clear. 

We knew that our reason for setting out on this journey was for a bigger purpose than just us and that light always kept us going until we reached the end of this tunnel. We're so thankful that we now know how to represent ourselves in court, hold corporations, judges, and state employees responsible for doing their jobs, and so much more that we will use to empower and guide people of color (BIPOC) who feel called to this mission. 

Brown man and woman standing in the forest with sweat suits

Our Foundation

The values that our community focus is built on is sustainability, community support, entrepreneurship and unity.
WE DID IT! We took the jump, made the investment and have been enduring the journey, the pain, the persecution for YOU to have the opportunity to be a part of our collective dreams coming true. 

Zion Affinity is our manifestation of modern-day community blended with ancestral influences. Our goal when establishing this space was to create a space for like-minded people, people who are open-hearted and seeking their roots & family, while at the same time developing a closer connection with the Earth and energy in the sacred vortex we’re sitting in. The land has been designed for people who have a desire to work with others in a close-knit community setting while building our own structures, growing our own food, educating our own children and helping each other discover, develop and thrive being just who they are.

We’re also here to help revive the natural elements that used to flourish in this area. Years ago there were lots of hardwood trees, including massive Redwoods, plenty of flowing rivers, lakes and ravines and much more. Our goal in this area is to bring back the trees, plants, herbs, and water that was once indigenous to the area we now consider a dry high desert. We will be planting specific plants and trees that pull the water up from the Earth with the intention of raising the water table and sustaining it by utilizing ways to re-use and recycle water among the community, farm, and ranch. We believe that by doing this, we can help restore food and water for the surrounding areas, animals and encourage new life to ripple throughout our slice of ZION (heaven).

Our focus is to bridge the gap between the differences that are in our faces every day in the United States. Man and woman, African and Japanese, Christian and Rasta, etc. The land is open to every person regardless of belief systems and only requires the willingness and desire to love, listen, grow, support, reason and build with others without prejudice, be willing to resolve issues with a community focus.

Brown man and woman standing in the forest

Brown an and woman smiling together

Ancestry and genealogy play a key role in developing the needed energy for this type of deep generational and ancestral healing. Throughout our journey, we’ve found that in order to have a love for ourselves that flows into our love for others, we need to overstand where we come from, what our ancestors were like and what role we agreed to take in our ancestral lineage. This part of our journey has connected us deeper to Source and to the root of our mission on Earth. It’s helped us to overstand the entirety of our journey and see the future of our mission clearer and clearer each day. Members of the community are expected to embrace this wisdom because, in order to heal as a community and build moving forward, we feel that every person needs to understand the entirety of their actual ancestry.


Our Future 

 The future of Zion Affinity is as green as the cedar trees we're surrounded by. Our main focus will be on preparing the campground, setting up greenhouses and community spaces for events and gatherings throughout the year. 


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