Mujeres Valley Campground

Sustainable Camping Close to Nature
Mujeres Valley Campground is 20 acres of heavily-wooded, mostly undisturbed land in a remote area of New Mexico where it's common to see elk, deer, rabbits and hear the occasional coyote at sunset and dawn. Zion Herbals invested in over 60 acres of land and put aside 20 acres for those of you who love traveling to new places, connecting deeper with the earth & animals and living simply.
Woman of color walking through the forest
Sustainable camping is important for us to experience as people in our current world. Connecting with nature with sustainable living practices in the mountains is a soul quenching experience we look forward to facilitating for you and your loved ones. The campground is mostly raw, just like the day we assumed responsibility of it's well being. We feel it's important to provide a natural camping space that honors all the raw, rough and tender essence of the mountains.
There's lots of beautiful space on the campground to disappear and explore this sacred land. Plus, there are several monuments and open areas to see some stunning views on the way here! 
Mujeres Valley Campground is roughly 2.5 hours from Gallup and Albuquerque and since no matter which way you're traveling it's a TRIP... We recommend packing some snacks, lunch, lots and lots of water (the change in altitude from anywhere here can cause altitude sickness if you don't hydrate) and make a day of it!
In addition, we have access to a private mountain (pictured below) within the subdivision that you can hike if you're up for it! You can learn more about how to book your visit and what amenities we have available for campers HERE or on Instagram @MujeresValley 
Future Plans for Sustainable Camping Expansion
Although the heart of our mission is to keep the campground as natural as possible, we would like to improve on some of the natural amenities we have by incorporating natural and indigenous ways of living where we can. Additionally, we will open up learning spaces and opportunities for people to join us in creating and learning these sustainable and ancient techniques as a community. 
Some of the the future, sustainable plans for the campground include:
  1. Improving walkways
  2. Create more efficient accessibility to the campsites
  3. Building greenhouses for classes
  4. A limited number of glamping spaces
  5. Creating water collection mechanisms
  6. Building a sweat lodge
  7. Building a community gathering space
  8. Adding signage around the campground
 Sunset over mountains with tall pinon treesPurple flowers with the sky and forest in the background
Forest view of a small open space surrounded by trees with the sun shining bright in the top left cornerOpen space with tattered clouds in the sky



Closed for Private Events
If you are interested in hosting a private event like a wedding, reunion, retreat or secluded getaway please contact us to discuss.
The following dates are campground closure dates:
  • April 29th - May 8th, 2024 - 3rd Annual Freedom Festival
  • August 12th - 21st, 2024 - 2nd Annual Forest Fiesta


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