Curandera - Writer - Entrepreneur - Farmer/Rancher - Reverend - Event Organizer

IxChel started off working for LA County and majoring in Liberal Arts after high school. It quickly switched from that to psychology, architecture, culinary arts, and cosmetology until she reached her true passion; skin care! After 7 years as a Make-up artist (MUA), hair-stylist and motivational speaker, her first business was created. It had the vision of an all-in-one beauty and spa resort-style business with locations world wide. But Asad's injury in 2010 really shook the foundations they created when they became a couple.

The man she grew to love was dwindling away in front of her eyes, his spirit was dimming and our patience for a solution had grown thin. That's when her focused changed from coordinating photo shoots & makeup to finding something natural that would relieve his pain. When we decided to take the remedies we created to the next level, her experience in human resources, information technology, skin care and customer service all blended beautifully!

Since Zion Glory's move from Colorado to New Mexico in 2017, she's been learning about her genealogy and putting together the pieces of information, dreams and messages she's been getting her whole life and stepping fully into her purpose as a spiritual guide. New Mexico's leg of our journey has forced her to grow far beyond anything shes ever known. Having never been camping, living outdoors for 2 months forced her out of a cocoon she's been sitting in for a while! We can't wait to announce our next level up..... Stay tuned!



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