About The Company

Zion Herbals has developed into a world more than its original intention when it was founded in 2012. We started off as a husband and wife looking for natural relief from old injuries and recurring pains. In 2012, we discovered the RasTafari lifestyle of living pure and natural & made the choice to stop using prescription medicine. The couples experiences with Western medical doctors like false information from doctors when Asad was hurt at work with an untreated stage 5 rotator cuff tear, catapulted us into this life. Doctors told Asad he would never use his right arm again, there was nothing wrong with him, he needed surgery and "Here, have these highly addictive prescription drugs for your pain!" It wasn't the life we wanted, we knew there were safer and natural ways to deal with this, we just felt it. Within a few months he lost over 80 lbs. from not sleeping, eating or even having the want to drink anything, he was miserable. 

His wife, desperate to help her husband eat and feel better, started researching herbs, plants and foods that served spiritual & medicinal purposes that we needed and got to creating! The pain rub she made for Asad WORKED! He didn't even want to believe it! Once the pain rub worked, his wife began creating more products for different ailments. Initially we were creating the products for our personal journey and needs in this new lifestyle. Then in 2013 we received so many requests, praise and new product requests from family and friends that tried our first generation products, we decided to make a business of it! After all, the path was falling in line with what we were discovering to be our passion, helping people and living a natural lifestyle. Hearing about relief & improvement from people who had been experiencing the same pains & ailments for years... Set our souls on fire for this work! 

As this beautiful journey was unfolding we felt called to research other forms of healing; crystal therapy, reiki, sound therapy, mainly plant-based diet, juicing, color therapy, aromatherapy, acupressure and yoga to name a few. Eventually we began implementing some of those healing modalities into the creation of our products, business & consultation services. The transformation that resulted from this new healing work, new situations & experiences led us down this expansive, divine journey for a wild ride! From 2013 - 2016 we established ourselves in a diverse, loving & supportive community in Denver, Colorado. We experienced everything from our first Farmer's Market to hosting our first-weekend retreat, community reasoning sessions to our first spoken word performance, and this part of our journey set the foundation for the work we're currently doing & how we got here. 

One of the main principles we've implemented throughout our journey has been to share ourselves openly to those who have a genuine desire to get to know us. So if you're really down to dig into who we REALLY are... and what we're REALLY about... Keep reading about our owners by clicking the images below!





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