The Power of Oats. More Than a Scrub!

The Power of Oats. More Than a Scrub!

November 26, 2020 0 Comments

So far, we've learned about the natural exfoliating properties of our Revival Scrub. The coffee grounds, cornmeal and oats are the main ingredients you initially feel when you use this product. What some of our clients discovered at the High Energy Getaway, and since we've been in business, is that you can also feel the bite of the papaya enzymes. That slight stinging feeling is the enzymes breaking down the built up layers of dead skin, pollution and dirt!

What about this product makes it more than a scrub? Let's talk about oats for a second. Before I started researching ingredients that would help with my husband's eczema I knew 2 things about oats:

1. They can be used to calm the skin during chicken pox and
2. They can be eaten.

Who else was with me!? *raises hand*

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